Howard Flack

Died on 2nd February 2017
Howard D. Flack
Département de chimie minérale, analytique et appliquée
Université de Genève
Curriculum vitae

We should act as we do in the case of a voyage. What can I do? I can choose the master of the ship, the sailors, the day, the opportunity. Then comes a storm. What more have I to care for? for my part is done. The business belongs to another — the master. But the ship is sinking — what then have I to do? I do the only things that I can, not to be drowned full of fear, nor screaming, nor blaming God, but knowing that what has been produced must also perish: for I am not an immortal being, but a man, a part of the whole, as an hour is a part of the day: I must be present like the hour, and past like the hour. What difference, then, does it make to me how I pass away, whether by being suffocated or by a fever, for I must pass through some such means?

Epictetus, Discourses, II, 5

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